We have a goal that we want to help as many people as we can with their money concerns. We know that there are lots of people that will have concerns about their finances and we hope that what we do can help them. We offer information which we hope will be able to reduce some of the stress associated with money. We keep things simple and assume that everyone using this site has had very little help with understanding money. We therefore have put together some articles which contain some helpful information put together in a simple way. We do not want to patronise but we know that most people have had no formal financial education and therefore we do not expect anyone to have any knowledge about money. We hope that by following some of the tips and suggestions that we have put forward that people reading the articles will be able to make improvements so that they are better at staying in control of their money and feel like they can start reduce their stress when it comes to finance. It just takes a methodical and step by step approach to change some habits in order to start to make a difference.