There are many people that feel that they would like more money. They may feel that it is unfair that some people have more money than others, perhaps they are struggling with debt or they would like to buy more things that they cannot afford. Is right to want more money like this though?

Can we be Satisfied with what we have?

It is worth starting by asking whether we can be satisfied with what we have at the moment. It is worth thinking about whether you are putting expectations on yourself that are too high. Consider whether you really need all the things that you are buying and whether they really make you happy just because you need cash now. You also should be thinking about whether you are paying more for things than necessary and perhaps if you switched provider, supplier and retailers you might be able to pay less and still have as much. It is also worth thinking about why it is that you want more.

Is it Greed?

There are some people that might accused people that want more money as greedy. This is not usually the case at all so do not let this thought hold you back. It could be that you are striving for financial freedom, to build up a good pension pot, to save up so you can send your children to university or to pay off your debts for example. These are not signs of greed, you are not wanting money for moneys sake but you want to achieve specific things with it. If you are just trying to get money because you want to ‘keep up with the Jones’s’ in other words to have things that others have then it is worth thinking about whether this is a wise thing to do. It is unlikely to make you happy and there will always be people that have more than you and so it is likely that you will always feel inadequate.

Lots of people strive to get more money.

Can it be Achieved Easily?

Having more money can be easier than we might think. It is often thought that someone needs a big inheritance or lottery win to get enough money to make them happy, but this is not true. Many people who suddenly get lots of money find it very difficult to adjust and it may even make them unhappy and often then quickly spend the money and have nothing left, so this is not the answer. It is much better to work through a series of steps in order to change what you are doing so that you can achieve this. Start by repaying loans, then build up savings and investments by making sure that you only spend money on things that you need and that you really want. The steps are simple, but they are certainly not easy. However, you can start in an easy way by making sure that you are not paying more than necessary for things that you are buying. Things like insurance and electricity are often areas where we pay more than necessary and are easy to switch so start there. Then work through everything you buy and see whether you can pay less. Then start thinking about whether everything you buy is necessary and if you feel that you really want to buy those items or not. You might also want to start using some of that extra money to pay off your debts and also perhaps thinking about ways that you can earn more money so that you can start to accumulate more. It is key thought to remember that if we want more money we will normally have to work hard for it and you need to decide whether this is something that you are prepared to do or whether you think you will be happier as you are.

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